Project Description

Rehabilitation board & train program (aggression and/or anxiety)

Is your dog reactive or aggressive to other dogs, animals and/or people? Does your dog go over the top when it comes to other dogs being around? Or is your dog very anxious?

We can help!

We work a lot with very aggressive and anxious dogs and have partnerships with vets & amp;rescue organisations, the company was initially founded to focus on helping these dogs and their owners.


During this program, we will work on the specific issues of your dog. We will also teach certain commands that we feel will help during the rehabilitation and desensitizing process.

We will also evaluate what changes can be made in the dog’s environment and lifestyle to help in the process of improving your dog’s mental state and decreasing their current reactivity to certain things in life eventually allowing to train them out of the current unwanted behaviour.

After the program, the trainer will return your dog to your home and will show you everything he or she has learned during a handover session. They will also teach you more about dog psychology and provide you with a report and instructional videos.

What else is included:
  • Returning of the dog to you can be discussed or you can come and collect the dog
  • Regular (video) updates
  • handover session

  • Report & compilation of handover videos made with your dog
  • Signed contract guaranteeing the results



3-4 weeks rehabilitation program

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3-4 weeks rehabilitation program


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