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Doggy Day Care

Here at Bark & Birch we offer a full doggy day care service in and around London. With dogs being so important and a key part of the family we know immediately the questions you may have – we’re fully insured, all of our trainers are fully vetted, we’re secure & we love dogs more than anyone else you’ll ever encounter.

If you struggle to find the time for dog walking, train them or simply let them play then doggy daycare is the solution. Your dog will have hours of fun & interaction with our caring and friendly team from woodland walks to games of catch, rope tugging & more. Our grounds offer the perfect environment for your companion to stretch their legs and to get the exercise vital for their health.

Whether you have to commute, work excess hours or are tied up with other important commitments let Bark and Birch support you and your dog. More than 30% of dogs in the UK get less than the minimum recommended amount of exercise – according to the PDSA not only is exercise and interaction essential for all dogs, it’s important for their mental health & overall physical health too. We don’t just take care of our clients, we take care of all the furry companions we get the privilege of looking after.

So how much is doggy daycare near me?

1 Dog    
Days per week 4-weekly direct debit Daily cost
1 £156.00 £39.00
2 £300.00 £37.50
3 £420.00 £35.00
4 £528.00 £33.00
5 £620.00 £31.00
2 Dogs    
Days per week 4-weekly direct debit Daily cost
1 £268.00 £67.00
2 £536.00 £67.00
3 £792.00 £66.00
4 £1,024.00 £64.00
5 £1,200.00 £60.00
Credit packages    
Credits Package deal Daily cost
1   £40.00
10 £370.00 £37.00
15 £525.00 £35.00
20 £680.00 £34.00
50 £1,500.00 £30.00
£15 per 121 training session with one of our experienced on-site trainers (30 mins)
Additional congestion/ULEZ charges
Postcodes within the congestion/ULEZ zone are charged at £3,50 per dog per day when attending daycare
  • Collection and return of your dog with our ventilated vans with each dog having their own safe and secure kennel

  • Loads of playtime for your dog
  • Daily video/pictures
  • Monthly update call

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Is Bark & Birch like a dog nursery?

Yes, except we take dogs of any age whether you need dog walking, boarding or general dog day care for your border collie or Jack Russell, or perhaps you need puppy day care in London for that new addition to the family? it doesn’t matter what breed or what age – we accept all dogs into our 5* dog day care.

What will our dog/s get to do?

There will be plenty for your faithful companion to do from woodland walks to field runs, interactive play with our trainers through to toy play, interactive treat finding, and more! It’ll be your dog’s idea of heaven. Because we’re experts in dog training and dog behaviour, we understand that a place away from an owner can be anxiety-provoking for some dogs – but, no fear, we know the psychology of dogs and we’ll know how to settle them into a relaxed, playful and friendly environment.

We’re also conscious of the different needs that different breeds have – we know that the exercise needs of a working cocker spaniel are likely to be much greater than that of a chihuahua or other toy breeds. So your dog will have the option of resting when they want, or, tearing up the fields and adventure walks if they’re full of energy and raring to go.

We assess each dog’s needs on a one to one basis to ensure their safe, happy, content, and relaxed.

Other than lots of play – we offer dog walking, interactive tasks and stimulating environments.

Will my dog be safe around other dogs?

Yes, we’ll always ensure that dogs of a specific breed or temperament are grouped to maximise compatibility and reduce risk. Thanks to our highly trained dog trainers – we’re able to vet and group dogs in such a way that allows maximum breed, size, and behaviour compatibility – so don’t worry, your small chihuahua won’t be grouped with the great Danes or Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Your dog will never be left unattended and will be kept safe.

What type of doggy day care do you offer?

Here at Bark & Birch we offer flexible doggy daycare options – because we know the owner’s needs may change too – whether you have to fly out for an unexpected meeting or will be late back to collect – we’re here for you and your dog – we’ll take care of everything.

We offer

  • Full doggy day care
  • Half day care
  • Extended boarding / dog hotel boarding
  • Overnight care
  • Puppy day care
  • Hybrid services – if you want your dog to go through some basic obedience training or general dog training we can provide this also

We also offer a dog concierge service so, we’ll collect and return your dog at a time that suits you.

What else can my dog expect during day care?

With Bark & Birch, lots! From lots of walkies and exercise through to social activities, grooming, tug of war, stick fetching, grass digging, puddle & water activities, and more! Our on-site facilities are plentiful and have been built up and adapted to meet the needs of all the dogs we deal with during day care, dog boarding and longer stays.

Our friendly, professional team have many years of experience dealing with and handling dogs of all different natures.

Your dog can also expect a proper diet, tailored to their existing needs whether they have a special type of dog food or specific calorific intake – we take everything into account – we’re so in tune with the dogs we look after it’s the reason why we’re recommended & why our clients keep coming back, morning and afternoon, week in week out.

For many dog & pet owners we provide regular support – so no owners are left feeling guilty about their dogs being couped up in a house or flat all day long!

We’d be the doggies day care of choice for all dogs in and around London – we’re also one of the fastest-growing dog boarding services.

To us your dog isn’t just a pet – their your best friend, your companion, so we know it’s important to have a safe and trusted environment for them to be in – we’re recognised across the south east of England and across London.

Why not check out who our team are? also – connect with us on Facebook to see the stories and adventures of the doggy day care service we offer and just how much fun our furry friends have whilst with us.

If you have any other questions why not contact us? we’re always home and ready to answer any dog daycare questions you may have!

Who are Bark & Birch?

Bark & Birch was founded by Nick Rijniers who has an absolute passion and dedication to dogs. Bark & Birch was setup to provide full dog behavioural training, rehabilitation, boarding and dog day care for people in and around London. With such fast growing demand, Bark & Birch have extended their coverage across the south east of England, so we’ll even collect dogs from as far as 100 miles from Central London.

We’re a trusted, reliable, insured & highly rated dog day care provider with dog boarding services that would show up most 4 star hotels – we have a highly vetted team who all love and dedicate their lives to training, playing and interacting with dogs – whether at the park or at one of our centres.

We know modern day life can be complex & stressful, and not all dog owners can find the time for walkies – whether being stuck in an office or travelling abroad – it doesn’t matter, but, your dogs do.

As a business, we have scaled and adapted to the needs of our clients – so whether we have to pick your dog up or drop them off our staff are always happy to do so! We travel to lots of different areas across London and the south east and ‘were fully licensed to carry and transport pets – and, we don’t treat your dog like an animal, we treat them with care, love and respect.

Doggy Day Care

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